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Message from the Coordinator


There is an increasing trend of researchers and educators in the field of engineering integrating considerations of social justice into their work and practice. As such, TCNJ’s School of Engineering should incorporate aspects of Engineering for Social Justice within its curriculum, research, senior project experience, and service. Engineering for Social Justice examines the development of structures, devices, technologies, and methods that address problems relevant to impoverished areas and areas in crisis. How may engineering be used to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and the underrepresented? One example is the development of low-cost energy generation and information access technologies for third-world countries. Solutions should contribute to both the protection and promotion of 1) safety and human welfare, 2) equality and social justice, 3) economic development and progress, as well as 4) environmental preservation and sustainability. In fact, the National Academy of Engineering has obtained NSF grants to study and address the technical and normative challenges of sustainability, governance, justice, and public trust and engagement.

This educational option would serve well students that want to pursue an accredited and licensable engineering degree program, but intend to work and lead in para-technical fields in government agencies; such as FBI, NSA, CIA, NIH, DOE, DOD, and other general agencies. The program also serves well students that want to pursue an engineering degree prior to entering law school.


Orlando Hernandez, Ph.D.